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2nd International Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases and Healthcare Conference, will be organized around the theme “Cognizance into Unexplored Areas of Pediatrics.”

Pediatric Conference 2019 is comprised of 16 tracks and 65 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Pediatric Conference 2019.

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks. All related abstracts are accepted.

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The term paediatrics and paediatricians are the most peaceful and love admiring creatures. Do you agree Paeds? There are many sub categories and specializations in the field of Pediatrics in which we have mentioned few in the highlights due to lack of word fill. Inspite of many specializations, researchers and advancements developed and being developed for the welfare of kido’s yet the diseases are gaining more potential; Do you know why? If yes, Kindly do submit your abstract here, lets debate.

  • Track 1-1Pediatric Neurology
  • Track 1-2Pediatric Urology and Nephrology
  • Track 1-3Pediatric Dentistry
  • Track 1-4Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Track 1-5Viral Nanoparticles
  • Track 1-6Pediatric Infectious Diseases

This term is one of the weightage issues in the recent times. As discussed earlier, many new types of strains are coming into existence which creates infections even deadlier infections which is so called Infectious Diseases. Researchers of this type, Infectious Diseases specialists are paid high and they are considered to be a top niche says the study. Do you agree and have you found any new strains, then submit your research article to our review committees today


  • Track 2-1Tropical Infectious Diseases
  • Track 2-2Bacterial and Fungal Infections
  • Track 2-3Congenital Infections
  • Track 2-4Neonatal Anamolies
  • Track 2-5Common Infectious Diseases

One of the emerging technologies recently is, Nanotechnology. The stream is very effective because it aims with target drug delivery. This technology with target delivery is a bit challenging when it comes to infants and children says the scientists who are currently in Pediatric Research. The technique is commonly used in Pediatric Oncology research which is highly target specific.

This hot topic is one of the viral trends as said it is challenging. Are you facing challenges in pediatric research, let us know from you!

  • Track 3-1Role of Nanotechnology
  • Track 3-2Nanomedicines
  • Track 3-3Nanobots

It is job of Researchers in developing the clinical trials interms of Drugs, Medicines and other medicinal products for further examination of how it works with children but it should be made known for the doctors too. Pediatric Pharmacology is not a vast indeed the stress on this topic is made highlighted due to increased rise in the death of infants only due to high dosage rate. Have you faced any issue so far similar to this? Do let us know from you!


  • Track 4-1Clinical Pharmacology
  • Track 4-2Toxicology
  • Track 4-3Obstetric Pharmacology
  • Track 4-4Drug Therapy

The most wanted and should discussed topic here is Breast feeding. The Modern moms are not aware of highlights of breast feeding which concerns their children. Some modern moms even if they are aware they don’t want to breast feed inorder to maintain the shape and beauty, sounds insane right? Yes, you can keep your shape and beauty by adding physical work. So its time to breast feed and hit the gym my dear modern mommies.

Where on the other hand, it is not advisable to breast feed the child if the mother is suffering from HIV or some blood related diseases. This might sound a known sentence to some but, it is not known for many, Lets gather to discuss and create awareness on Breast Feeding.

  • Track 5-1Breast Milk
  • Track 5-2HIV in Milk
  • Track 5-3HIV and Nursing
  • Track 5-4HIV Transmission

Nutritional requirements differ for children when compared with adults, as they are in their growing age they need balanced nutrition. In the era of developing new technologies, the word nutrition takes revenge in creating a mess with children’s life. The balanced diet has not been sufficiently given to infants or children. Breastfeeding upto 2-3 yrs gives the world’s best nutrition says Harvard Nutritionists. Do you have a diet plan which covers a wholesome nutrition for children? Or have you handled the anomalies caused due to insufficient diet? If yes, do submit your abstracts/ articles.


  • Track 6-1Global Nutrition
  • Track 6-2Early Childhood Diet
  • Track 6-3Current Challenges
  • Track 6-4Healthcare in Children

With the increased population of children diagnosed with cancer, technology makes changes in pediatric oncology nursing care, treatment and diagnosis. Advances in the treatment of childhood cancer have shown an improvement yet day by day the vital potential of viruses are gaining is increasing. The debate between is viruses gaining potential or children lack Immunity might be an arena of hot topic, what is your opinion on this?

Do let us hear from you; kindly submit your article papers for this


  • Track 7-1Effects of Vaping in teens
  • Track 7-2Pediatric Oncology Nurse
  • Track 7-3Oncologic Researches
  • Track 7-4Hematology

Obesity has turned into major issue as it targets the growing population called Children. Due to luxurious lifestyle and food habits, the children are gaining more weight due to lack of physical activity. Do you think that this is the only reason for obesity in children? Many researchers have raised their voices as NO! Want to know other causes of obesity? Join us at Pedaitrics 2019 at Paris, France.

Gather here and jot down the causative issues and preventive measures to be taken for the world’s serious issue. Be a part of good cause.


  • Track 8-1Innovative Obesity
  • Track 8-2Child body Mass Index
  • Track 8-3Obesogenic Environment
  • Track 8-4Risk Factors of Obesity

The name by itself creates its identity of being called as ‘Challenging’ tropical diseases. These types of diseases hits hard especially in tropical areas like South Africa. There are about 17 parasitic diseases been found till date. The pipelines for new drugs for these diseases have been dried for the past 3 decades due to the absence of commercial market, Do you find this as a legit?

Share your opinions on this and do submit your articles under this. Looking forward for discussion of hot trends in Tropical diseases in children.


  • Track 9-1Foot and Mouth Diseases
  • Track 9-2Neonatal Sepsis
  • Track 9-3Neglected Tropical Diseases
  • Track 9-4Communicable Diseases
  • Track 9-5schistosomiasis

Slowing down of metabolic programming leading to abnormalities or diseases in children is well known as Pediatric Metabolic diseases. Sometimes this process may lead to death in serious cases. Recent survey according to epidemiologists says, the world’s quarter of the diseases arise only because of poor digestive problems not only to children but also to adults. Let me know your opinion about this, share your views and opinion by submitting your abstract.


  • Track 10-1Metabolic Syndrome
  • Track 10-2Inherited Metabolic Disorders
  • Track 10-3Enzyme Deficiencies

For the past 10 years, there have been vast technological achievements in the field of Pediatric cardiology. As a result of recent technological advances, more types of CHDs than ever before are now possible to treat in the cardiac catheter laboratory. Nevertheless, the Pediatric cardiology community has made attempts to develop better solutions to minimize the need for open heart surgery and optimize overall outcomes. Do these attempts sounds better in the field of Pediatric Cardiology? let us know from you


  • Track 11-1Pediatric Cardiology
  • Track 11-2Cardiology Tests
  • Track 11-3Advanced Care
  • Track 11-4Pediatric Cardiologists

Children are prone to various infections. No matter how clean the environment is, the inherent nature of germs, tend to attract bacteria and other microbes. Not all fungi are pathogenic, and their infection is opportunistic. Opportunistic fungal infections cause diseases exclusively in immune-compromised individuals. Recent study has been reported that, the fungal infections in babies and infants, if left untreated, can lead to death. Do you any other kind of Infections? Submit your proposal soon


  • Track 12-1Yeast Infections
  • Track 12-2Types of Fungal Infections
  • Track 12-3Fungal Infection Treatment
  • Track 12-4Symptoms and Preventions

Yoga is a mind-body practice that originated at least 2000 years ago. Pediatricians of nowadays suggests physical movements in form of yoga for children. While all children love to play, some are being isolated and not allowed to play by parents says WHO. Parents should spend a quality with their kids as a source of love and attachment.  Do you think spending quality time with children makes them gain immunity or feel good? Researchers have answered yes, If you have some other answers let us know from you. Join us here!


  • Track 13-1Complementary Therapy
  • Track 13-2Therapeutic Effects of Yoga
  • Track 13-3Pediatric Physical Therapy
  • Track 13-4Clinical Applications of Yoga

One of the most common infections of this type is bloodstream infection which is referred as emerging infections (Bacteria, Viruses etc) mostly of Gram positive, Sounds cool right? Low birth weight is the causative agent for Neonatal and Congenital Infections according to scientists. But recent innovations and technology have diagnosed multiple causes for these kind of infections, Curious to know more about this?

Join us at Pediatrics 2019 as a speaker/ as a delegate to discuss much about this

  • Track 14-1Diagnosis of Infections
  • Track 14-2Torch Infection in New Born
  • Track 14-3Infections of the Fetus
  • Track 14-4Cytomegalo Virus
  • Track 14-5Congenital Herpes Simplex Virus

In the modern era of 21st century, Pediatric Psychologists go for high demand as the children are unable to handle their stress and depression which comes all the way from Divorce, Families, Friends, academic environments, Health issues and so on. Hence the children are unable to manage both mentally and physically

The good mental growth resembles in a Physical growth says the Researchers. Do you think that Pediatric Psychologists are the one who can really help children to get rid of mental problems? Parents convey dismay regarding the same. If you have some other reasons for this, do let us know from you


  • Track 15-1Pediatric Counselling
  • Track 15-2Suicidal Measures
  • Track 15-3stress and Depression

Surgeries especially for kids and Infants have gone beyond imagination especially to make feel sick kids that they are going to be ok soon. To make this feel come alive, many technological surgical equipments have been developed and being developed.According to survey, quarter half of sick children in the world are facing depression only because they lack care and time from their parents. This state of depression was once handled by Pediatric Nursing in the name of Pediatric care givers/ Pediatric Nurses but now it has been over took by machines.

However the technology might develop quite high, the care for sick children can be done either by parents or Pediatric Nurses. Have you felt the same way, when you were a kid lying in a bed? Share us your experience with us either in technical / non-technical manner!

  • Track 16-1Pediatric General Surgery
  • Track 16-2Pediatric Nurse
  • Track 16-3Pediatric Surgery Procedures